HouMinn Improvement

We are behind but we are still working on it!!
We are thrilled to be working with Luke Bulman from LB-O on our graphics.
A website refresh will follow! Stay tuned!!


Buildings Must Die (Review)

Read a recent review Blair wrote for JAE (The Journal of Architectural Education). The book, Buildings Must Die | A Perverse View of Architecture, by Stephen Cairns and Jane M. Jacobs is published by M.I.T. Press. Click on the image to read the review. Click on the title to get a copy of the book. 


Shapeless in Seattle

It's time to talk about Shaping New Knowledge and agency in design. This Saturday Marc, Blair, and Blaine Brownell will be chairing a session at the ACSA Annual Conference in Seattle. The session is titled "Giving Up Control: Finding new agency in the era of interdisciplinary practice" and will be held on Saturday, March 19th. 
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HouMinn Waste and POP Culture

Blair presents the lecture "HouMinn Waste and POP Culture at this year's Catalyst at the University of Minnesota (March 9th at noon). The talk centers on HouMinn's approach to work, material research, and single family house prototypes. Specific emphasis is placed on the use of second stream materials (formerly classified as "waste") and an interest in developing tools and processes to aid in the production and consumption of architectural form and product. The image above shows a potential building skin made of wood pulp. 


Catalyst 16

This year’s Architecture as Catalyst at the University of Minnesota investigates the topic of Representing Systems [as type and action], specifically leveraging the promises and pitfalls therein. With attention towards constructive logics latent within these systems, workshops and lectures will engage a range of strategies from the deranged, the subjective, the analogical, the material, the formal, and the speculative potentials of acceleration.  Inherently non-neutral, these systems affect the formation of realities and our subsequent perceptions thereof.

Blair will be in Minneapolis leading a session titled "Drawing is a Verb" with Luke Bulman of THUMB-Luke Bulman.
The session will be a hosted by Marc and Blaine Brownell.