HO! HO! Hometta: HouMinn Designs a Cookie Cutter House

HouMinn was asked to design a gingerbread version of Draft House as part of a holiday giveaway for Hometta (sketch at left). After some trial and error and a lot of t.l.c., Quyen Ma of Hometta put the plan to paper and finally to our bellies. The result is a delicious model of Draft House. Follow the links to download instructions for building your own edible modern home. When you make your own culinary version of the house, send us a picture. We would love to see the results!

UPDATE: Well, we were fortunate enough to have our gingerbread Draft House go a bit viral this holiday season. The plans were picked up by Otto, Apartment Therapy, Grass Roots Modern, ohdeedoh, Mrs Mogul, Green Muse, Say Yes to Hoboken, and arch daily, just to name a few sites. We would also like to thank these folks who made their own edible Draft Houses. Thanks to the people at Real Food Made Easy and Myrtle Street Review


DEADLINE EXTENDED: App designs now due Friday, January 15, 2010

As you can see, we're a bit behind on things, and we bet you are, too. We've heard from many interested people that they want to enter the OSWall "Design Your Own App" competition, but with end-of-semester / end-of-year deadlines coming up, they need a little extra time. So, we're extending the OSWall deadline to January 15th. We hope this allows more of you submit your brilliant ideas...once you have rested and filled your bellies over the Holidays. Looking forward to hearing from you! Drop us a line if you have questions.

Read about OSWall HERE.

Read about the Design Your Own App Competition HERE.


NOW LIVE: OSWall "Design Your Own App" Competition 

We have just launched a new section of our website called "Design Your Own App." This page outlines a competition we are holding for students, designers, or any other curious, creative people to design a smart wall panel, or "app" (short for "application") for our latest wall prototype project, OSWall (Open Source Wall). Can you come up with an app that collects and recycles rainwater, passively cools an interior, generates electricity from wind, grows plants, insulates, or provides natural light for a residential wall? What other hair brained ideas do you have? Winners will have their design schemes prototyped for an upcoming exhibition at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery called "Envelop{e}s" curated by Christopher Height, Associate Professor at Rice University's School of Architecture. Money and fame awaits the winners, so head over to the "Design Your Own App" competition page for details.





Welcome Hometta Boston - Opens October 16th, 2009

Welcome Hometta Boston launched Friday, October 16th with a great opening party at the Pinkcomma Gallery in Boston. The event was a hit. Special thanks go to Ann Chou, Quyen Ma, and Tzu-yu Chen of Hometta for their continued work on the show. Welcome Hometta - Boston will run through November 9th. The Gallery is located at 81B Wareham St in Boston. Photography by Ann Chou.



The First OSWall Prototype 

HouMinn installed the first OSWall prototype over Labor Day weekend. The half scale mock-up will be on display in the UHGBC show at the University of Houston School of Architecture Sept 10-18, 2009. The images above show the assembly of the frame (Kevin Lin, Jon Siani, and Jessy Yang are doing some heavy lifting) and of vacuum formed blank "apps" (Jeff Montague is fitting the vacuum formed pieces to the frame). Thanks also to Dave Hultman, Mike Hara, Marcus Martinez, and Chad Loucks for their help in the design, fabrication, and assembly of the prototype. 

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