2014 R&D Award: Breaking the Mold

We are excited to announce that our variable vacuum forming project (VarVac) was awarded a 2014 R&D Award from Architect Magazine. The VarVac Wall is an ornamental, acoustically absorptive wall installed at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture. Juror Bill Kreysler was enthralled (with our entry). "It’s huge,” he said. “Forty percent of the cost of making a panel is just creating the shape. Taking that whole issue of cost out of the equation is a big breakthrough.”


Core77 Design Award

HouMinn was just announced as Professional Runner's Up in Core77's 2014 Design Awards ("Interiors and Exhibitions" category) for VarVac Wall and Hexwall. Follow this link to learn more. 



HouMinn Head!

HouMinn is proud to announce that Marc has been named head of the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota 

(way to go Marc!).

Here is part of the press release:
(Marc) has served as the director of the University's Master ofArchitecture program since 2012 and is the co-founder of HouMinn Practice, which focuses on full-scale prototyping of lightweight, responsive, and digitally pre-fabricated construction systems. He received his B.Arch from the University of Cincinnati and his M.Arch from Rice University. 

"The discipline of architecture is undergoing tremendous change," says Swackhamer. "Schools must quickly and nimbly adjust to those changes, yet remain clear and stable with regards to the disciplinary core of the profession. I envision a program that will lead the discipline through a dynamically changing landscape, while simultaneously clarifying and stabilizing the long-held skills that distinguish architecture from other fields of study." 

Swackhamer is succeeding Renee Cheng, who served as head from 2004-2014, and will step down on July 1 to assume a new leadership role as associate dean for research at the College of Design.


HouMinn Seoul 

HouMinn's VarVac project was just announced as an accepted project of the juried Research + Design Exhibition at the ACSA International Conference. Blair will present it in Seoul this month. (Note: you'll have scroll over quite a bit at the bottom to see our board.) 


HouMinn Chic (AIAGO!)

Marc is participating in a round table panel at this year's national AIA convention in Chicago. The panel is titled "Digital Fabrication, Making, and Construction in the Academy: Lessons for Future Architectural Practice."

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