OSWall on display at the Muscarelle


OSWall (Open Source Wall) is on display at the Muscarelle Museum of Art  at the College of William and Mary as part of the exhibition titled "Envelop{e}s: Architect's Unfinished Experiments with Building 'Skins'". The show opened on September 18th and will run through October 31st. This collection of full-scale, experimental constructs and material assemblies was curated by Christopher Hight, Associate Professor at Rice University, and originally appeared at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery.


Making Modern Plans

Here is another blog to add to your Google Reader account. "Making Modern Plans" is the new blog site for Hometta. The folks at Hometta have enlisted the help of their ever growing stable of designers to provide fresh and interesting content. Make time to check out Making Modern Plans. Hometta blogs about OSWall here.


Dirty South vs Great White North


The folks at TEX-FAB put Blair on the hot-seat.
Here is the result; a brief question and answer session that focuses on Houston, Vancouver, and observations about two very different worlds of fabrication and production. 
Repeat Competition Juror Interview


OSWall at the Minnesota State Fair

Although we didn't carve a model of OSWall out of butter (we really wanted to), we did have the opportunity to share our prototyping research with Minnesota State Fair attendees on September 1. Recent graduate from UMN's School of Architecture and OSWall "Design Your Own App" competition winner, John Steingraeber (left), HouMinn's own Dave Hultman (right), and Marc (taking the picture) attended the event. All of UMN's activities from this year's State Fair can be found here


TEX-FAB: Repeat - Digital Fabrication Competition 

Blair will be a juror for the upcoming international design competition REPEAT, presented by TEX-FAB. The competition is open to all and the winning entry will be built, exhibited and subsequently given to the Winner. The design and fabrication of the piece will be paid for in full by TEX-FAB and installed to coincide with the TEX-FAB exhibition REPEAT, in February 2011. TEX-FAB is run by Andrew Vrana (Houston), Brad Bell (Dallas/Fort Worth), and Kevin Patrick McClellan (San Antonio). All three are professors and practitioners and all three do outstanding work in both practice and academia.  

To find out more about the competition and the symposium place your cursor on the image above or the word REPEAT



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