Adam_Rouse.jpgAdam Rouse

Adam Rouse is a recent graduate of an esteemed Midwestern graduate school. After working in New York City post-graduation, he has followed his nomadic tendencies to California where he is elaborating on his thesis explorations involving tidal structures with large fiberglass bobbers. In his spare time he experiments with fabrication and transfer technologies for future undefined speculations; he likes the color of avocados.



Pat McGlothlin

Once known as "the best welder in New Mexico", Pat is currently residing in Seattle, WA where he is a project assistant with Case Architects. He continues to pursue his his childhood dream of becoming rich and famous; however his efforts so far have not been fruitful. 



Karl Wallick

Karl Wallick is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Cincinnati. He is a co-founding partner of Drawing Dept in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ongoing projects include a face-lift for a lumberyard constructed solely of 2x4s, a series of residential renovations and additions, and a skin-job for a sushi restaurant.




Susanna Hohmann

Susanna Hohmann received an undergraduate degree from Smith College and her Masters of Architecture from Rice University in Houston, TX. She has also studied in Europe, Asia, and Australia, and worked for a number of years as a research associate in a Molecular Genetics laboratory. Susanna has continued to pursue her interest in environments and textiles while studying native methods of felt making in Mongolia. She currently resides in Portland Oregon where she works as an industrial designer. 




Rob Tickle

Dr. Tickle received his Ph.D. degree in Solid Mechanics from the University of Minnesota in 2000, and a B.S. degree in Mathematics/Computer Science from St. John's University in 1989. Rob's research explored the magnetic and mechanical properties of novel ferromagnetic shape memory (FSM) materials. As an experimentalist, he was responsible for the design and construction of custom low-temperature magnetomechanical/magnetic characterization testing equipment.




Dave Hutman

Dave is the shop foreman for the Electrical Engineering/Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics departmental shop at the University of Minnesota. He graduated from Dunwoody Industrial Institute in 1981 with a degree in Machine Tool, Die and Mold Making. In 1983 he began working for the University of Minnesota designing and building research equipment. He has over 20 years CNC milling experience and has experience working 3D surfaces, gas, arc, MIG, and TIG welding. He also spends time designing and building experimental research setups.




Nick Potts

Nick Potts is a designer whose interests include visualization and digital graphics. As a graduate student in the department of Architecture at the University of Minnesota, he founded and co-edited the journal T/HERE. His project titled Aeolian Process: reshaping Matagorda Island, Texas received a Merit Award in the 2004 Lyceum Competition. He is currently a designer with the Minneapolis firm of Hammel, Green, and Abrahamson (HGA).



Antonio_Rodriguez.jpgAntonio Rodriguez

Antonio Rodriguez obtained his Masters in Architecture from the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture in the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities in the spring of 2006. As a designer, he is interested in digital craftsmanship, functional ornaments and the implications of CAD/CAM technologies and new materials in architecture, products and design. He is currently enrolled in the Master of 3d Design at Cranbrook Academy of Art.



Diagoro Tsuruoka

Diagoro Tsuruoka has design experience in building types ranging in scale from single family housing to large institutional facilities. He is a soccer fanatic who has been known to play into the wee hours. Once after an injury, Daigoro taught himself to touch type with one hand using a modified script on his computer. He still types this way as it confounds IT specialists who try to access his rig. Diagoro is a graduate of the University of Houston and a native of Tokyo. He also enjoys hanging at the grill



William_Dohman.jpgWilliam Dohman

William Dohman has spent years being a punk, using words that his editor girlfriend now informs him do not exist, and advocating the color orange. Due to America’s recent overindulgence with all that is orange, William has turned away form the vices of color promotion and now gives equal opportunity to all shades on the color wheel – with the exception of teal. With his focus now squarely on design, William has been able to hold a steady place of employment at U+B Architecture and Design.




Don Vu

Don Vu is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota's School of Architecture and is currently working at Loom Studio in Minneapolis.




Marcus Martinez

Marcus Martinez is a graduate of the University of Houston. He has spent the last few years working in Houston on a series of large projects ranging from interior renovations to large urban parks. Additionally, he and partner Amna Ansari have received national and international attention for their design work as Alloy. He would like everyone to know that you can't ignore his techno



Jeff Montague

Jeff is a punk Vikings Fan

Click on his head.

Go on. 

You know you want to. 



Michael Hara

Michael Hara is pursuing his MARCH at the University of Minnesota. His undergraduate work was completed in the Twins Cities at the University of St. Thomas where He focused on business administration and psychology. Learn more about Michael at his website



Matt Haller

Matt is pursuing his second architecture degree from the University of Minnesota. His goal is to learn numerous big words and to use them in public as much as possible. Matt will tirelessly pursue this objective until everyone he encounters remembers him only as “that guy who used all those big words he learned in graduate school.”



Michael Kisch

Michael Kisch is a designer and creative strategist with RSP Architects and RSP Dreambox.  He holds a Masters in Architecture and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Minnesota, where he co-founded and co-edited the journal T/Here. Michael's macro/micro approach to design has resulted in furniture, art installations, architecture, and urban planning projects in the US and China.  His passion for design lies in the process of making, and his innate curiosity makes him a natural innovator across multiple scales and disciplines.




Meggen Skilling

University of Minnesota M.Arch graduate, Julie Snow Architects' image-beautifier, proud zune-owner, now pursuing goal of learning left from right and bike camping across Minnesota.