Pore House was our entry into the Cradle To Cradle (C2C) low-cost, sustainable housing competition held in 2004. For the project, we developed a modular, porous skin that varies along a series of gradients to accommodate the changing natural light requirements of the program. Each “pore,” or modular panel in the skin houses a light opening, an air vent, pv cells, and a furrow system for directing water to a recycling cistern.


draft_house_icon_small.jpgDRAFT HOUSE

Draft House was developed as an entry in the HOME House Project Competition. The challenge was to provide new designs for single family housing for low-and moderate income families using Habitat for Humanity’s basic three-and-four bedroom house as a point of departure. Our proposal suggests an adjusted definition of “site”, which accounts for more than the house’s 60’ x 150’ plot of land. Physical (biological), social, and financial forces all participate in shaping the house. 

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 This prototype affordable house located in Houston's Fifth Ward District was commissioned by Houston's Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation and Rice University. The FWCRC is a non-profit agency that builds single family houses through the Voucher Program, a federal housing initiative in which the disbursement of down payment "vouchers" is used to assist low income families in the purchase of houses.