The Kinetic Commons Project is a competition entry to redesign a public pedestrian plaza on the University of Minnesota's campus. The existing plaza is located adjacent to the Weisman Art Museum by Frank Gehry and the new Science Teaching Student Services building by KPF Architects. HouMinn collaborated with VJAA (Vince James and Jennifer Yoos), as well as artist Diane Willow, and engineering firm VAA in the development of the project. This team was shortlisted, along with three other collaborative teams, and was declared winner of the competition in November, 2011.




The Blind Nurse explores a relatively ignored phase in the life cycle of a project: its decay. Modeled after two unique precedents (“blind box” packaged Japanese toys and sacrificial nurse logs), the project is a cube of soil, delivered in a thin paper wrapper. When placed outside, the cube erodes, gradually revealing a hidden object inside. A sapling tree grows on th object as it wilts away, feeding the plant in the process.